Meet Amanda Steinberg

You may know me as CEO of DailyWorth & WorthFM. I started DailyWorth in 2009 to bring a fresh, outsider’s perspective to personal finance. In 2015, I launched WorthFM, an automated money management platform that makes saving and investing clear. Before transitioning into financial services, I spent 10 years as a software developer. I’m an engineer by training, a financial services executive by profession, and a serial optimist at heart.

Why did I leave a lucrative career in programming for finance? While I made tons of money in my twenties, I couldn’t save any of it. My supposed wealth-building assets–my software business, my old stone house–were actually driving me into debt. By age thirty, I’d tried everything: budgeting, goal-setting, financial planning, minimalist living, total austerity … none of it worked. Did I read Orman, Chatzky, Ramsey and Bach? Of course. Did I have a shopping or fashion problem? No (plus, that’s a sexist question).

My girlfriends were either trying to save and budget like me and failing, or otherwise repelled by the subject of money altogether. In a moment when we were increasingly equal with men at work and at home, I couldn’t understand why we weren’t making greater strides when it came to managing our own money.

My life and work are dedicated to reinvention of financial advice and financial services so that anyone, regardless of circumstance, gender or knowledge level, can experience the thrill of money clarity and control.

“Amanda’s done more toward educating women financially than anyone I know.” 


I Support the Following Organizations:

One Light Global

One Light Global

Board Member

There are more than 65 million refugees globally – that’s one out of every 113 people on Earth. One Light Global’s mission is to create global peace through direct humanitarian aid to people in crisis.




Camfed is an international non-profit organization tackling poverty and inequality by supporting marginalized girls to go to school and succeed, and empowering young women to step up as leaders of change.




Symi Symposium, led by the former Greek Prime Minister George A. Papandreou, brings together leading politicians, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, scientists, and activists to discuss the critical issues of our time.

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